Tampa FL Maintaining Oriental and Area Rugs

Properly Maintain Oriental and Area Rugs

Maintaining Oriental and Area Rugs Tampa FL

Maintaining Oriental and Area Rugs

Maintaining Oriental and Area Rugs is important for their wellbeing and helps them last for a very long time. Many customers today have oriental and area rugs in their home or office and need to know how to maintain these rugs. Proper maintenance will help rugs last for years and with a little information about maintenance procedures your oriental or area rugs will look great all the time and their beauty will last for years.

Start by vacuuming your rugs on a regular basis, the more often the better. Dry dirt is the easiest to remove from a rug. Use a properly working vacuum cleaner with a beater bar that gently agates your carpet allowing more loose dirt to by vacuumed.

If liquid is spilled on an oriental or area rug, clean the spill by using dry paper towels to blot up the excess liquid. Use as many dry paper towels as needed until the spot is no longer wet. This procedure will remove most spots from a rug. If you still notice that there is a spot after the spill has been dried try using a very small amount of dish washing detergent mixed with warm water and a white cloth blotted onto the spot.  Use a clean white cloth in warm water to rinse the detergent out of the rug. This will leave the rug clean and soft when it dries.

If you have a very fine rug you may want to place it in an area that is not heavily traveled. Rugs in high traffic areas should be rotated so even wear will take place over the life of the rug.

In order maintain the look of an area rug it is important to have it professionally cleaned before it has become too dirty. During the cleaning process we clean you area rug or oriental rug using chemicals, gentle agitation and a rinse that returns your rug to as close to original as possible.  Using fans and a temperature controlled environment, we dry your rug, groom it to make sure the knap is properly set and wrap it for delivery.

Remember, the best way to keep your rugs in great shape is to vacuum them often and remove any spots before they dry. Follow these simple steps and you will have rugs that look great for years to come!

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Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Area Rug Cleaning Tamp FL

Area Rug Cleaning

There are many types of area rugs that are made of many different types of fiber. They vary in cost when you buy them depending on whether they are hand woven, hand tufted or made by machine and material that they are made of. At AFC, we offer area rug cleaning services for all types of area rugs.

You can drop them off at our office on Linebaugh Ave. or we can schedule to pick them up. For very large rugs we will even clean them in your home.

We start by thoroughly vacuuming the rug on both sides in order to remove as much dry dirt as possible. We then pre treat the area rug using a solution that will not cause the colors to bleed and emulsifies the dirt. We then agitate the fibers and rinse the rug neutralizing the pretreatment solution. After this, we do a final rinse and inspection to make sure that all stains that we can possibly remove are removed.

Some stains that cannot be removed are dog urine, drinks with red dye and some types of coffee stains.

The best way to prevent stains from occurring is to immediately clean the spill. The best way to address spills is to absorb all the spill using lots of paper towels. Continue blotting until all the liquid is removed and then using diluted dish washing detergent and a clean white cloth gently work the diluted dish washing detergent into the fibers. Using paper towels blot the area until dry. If the spot still remains repeat the process until the spot is gone. If you are not successful and it dries a stain will occur so be persistent.

Additional services that we offer include scotch guard, fringe cleaning and deodorization.

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