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AFC Floor Care Travertine Restoration Project in Carrolwood Village

Travertine Restoration Project

Travertine Restoration – This a job completed on February 2015 in Carrollwood Village in Tampa. It is a travertine floor that we honed using use 200, 400, 800, 1600 diamond pads and polished using mb12. We used a truck mount system with a turbo tool to rinse the grout clean.

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Travertine Restoration St Pete FL

Tampa FL Travertine Restoration


Riverview Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Project


Tampa FL Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Tampa FL Cleaning Terrazzo Floor


Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

These are pictures of a recent Terrazzo Floor Cleaning job that we did for a customer in the Riverview area.

We started by removing all the of contents from the room. We removed the old carpet and pad, removed the wood strips or tackless and cut all the nails even with the floor without damaging the terrazzo. This was able to be done by using specialized equipment to hone the floor by using diamond impregnated pads that were of various grits. This process of Terrazzo Floor Cleaning makes the floor very smooth  which allows us to use a dry powder that is moistened slightly and buffed.

The picture you see above is a dry floor after we’ve cleaned the terrazzo. The customer even thought the floor was still wet and was surprised to find out that this shine will last for years. The shine your seeing was not created by using a wax but instead the shine was created by a chemical reaction between the dry powder and the calcium in the marble which produces a very hard shine. The shine will last several years as long as the floors are swept and mopped on a regular basis.

Although the terrazzo came out very nice, the floors were stained in certain areas. But after the floors were honed and polished, the stains were very light. The stains were most likely caused by the old waffle pad under the carpet.

If the terrazzo has ever been covered by carpet you can expect some stains from the old pad and possible damage from the nails that are used to secure the wood tack strips. Those holes can be repaired and the stains can be lightened and sometimes even totally removed.

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Honing Travertine Floors Tampa FL

Honing Travertine Floors

Honing Travertine Floors Tampa FL

Honing Travertine Floors

Honing Travertine Floors – Travertine is a limestone material that is quarried from the earth. It is cut into tiles which may be used for floors or walls. Because some travertine tiles are very porous, they may need to be filled with a material that fills in any holes that may be on the surface of the tiles. This is usually done at the factory. In older floors sometimes holes develop but they can be easily filled and will blend in with the rest of the tile.

Travertine tiles maybe honed at the factory but it is not uncommon for the tiles to be installed without being honed or polished. Some customers leave them unpolished while others prefer varying levels of shine. That is a great thing about thing about travertine floors you can leave them with a satin finish or have them polished to a mirror like shine.

The installation of stone floors can be tricky if not done properly because the tiles may vary in thickness. Great care must be taken to make sure the tiles are laid flat. If not, lippage will be a problem which is when one side of the tile is higher than the adjacent tile. This situation can be corrected but requires more steps than if the floor is correctly installed. Sometimes travertine is laid using a product called thinset which is like a cement material that bonds to the bottom of the tile and the floor.


Honing travertine floors is a process where the stone is wet sanded using different levels of diamond impregnated pads. Dependent on what we are trying to accomplish, we start with a coarse level of pads and move to finer levels until the floor is at a level that can then be polished. The higher the level of diamond pads the finer the finish of the surface of the tile and the higher the level of the shine. A 200 grit hone will produce a satin shine. If we were to shine a floor to a high shine depending on the condition of the stone we might hone the floor using 200, 400, 800, 1,600 and 3,000 grit pads followed by a polish that will leave a very high shine. The polish that we use is a mild acid base granular mixture that when used under a special pad driven by a weighted machine produces a hard beautiful shine.

Many customers love travertine floors for their varied appearance. They are easy to maintain by just sweeping and damp mopping using a ph neutral floor cleaner. They can be scratched if something is drug across the tiles but they can be repaired. They are installed using a grout material that fills in the void between tiles but if the grout becomes dirty it can be cleaned using a high ph cleaner and bush followed by a rinsing procedure. When we clean travertine floors we apply a high ph solution that is scrubbed into the tile using a rotary machine with a brush. We use a high pressure hot water extractor to rinse the thoroughly rinse the floor and it really comes out clean.

In my opinion travertine floors are such a great choice for many environments because they are great looking, durable, repairable and easy to maintain. Regular maintenance will keep your floors looking great for many years to come.

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Commercial Marble Floor Polishing and Cleaning Project

Marble Floor Polishing Tampa FL

Marble Floor Polishing

The marble floor polishing process may be as simple as cleaning the stone using a neutral or higher ph cleaner to remove dirt from the floor and using a special compound and a special pad under a weighted machine to create a hard shine that can last for years but more than likely some honing will be necessary.

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New Commercial Terrazzo Floor Restore Project in Tampa

Terrazzo Floor Restore Tampa FL

Terrazzo Floor Restore

Terrazzo Floor Restore – Marble, granite or terrazzo floors can become scratched and worn needing a complete restoration process known as grind and hone. Through the use of manmade diamonds impregnated in a resin pad we are able to remove scratches and restore the original shine to floors and counter tops.

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Tampa FL Tile Floor Cleaning

New Residential Tile Floor Cleaning Projects in Tampa

Tile Floor Cleaning Tampa FL


Tile Floor Cleaning

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New Commercial Floor Cleaning Projects by AFC Floor Care

Strip and Wax Floors Tampa FL

Strip and Wax VCT Tampa FL

Commercial Floor Cleaning St. Pete FL

Commercial Floor Cleaning

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