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Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing – Marble, terrazzo, travertine and other natural stones are cleaned and polished in a similar way.

The marble polishing process may be as simple as cleaning the stone using a neutral or higher ph cleaner to remove dirt from the floor and using a special compound and a special pad under a weighted machine to create a hard shine that can last for years but more than likely some honing will be necessary.

Marble over time can become scratched which causes it to loose it’s shine. In a situation like that it is necessary to hone the stone to remove the scratches. This involves the use of diamond pads to remove the scratches and hone the floor to about a 1,500 grit which may take several steps.

The diamond pads are divided into metal or resin. The metal grits are 50 and 100. The resin pads are 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3000.

Once the floors are honed the final step is to polish the stone using a special polishing compound that reacts with the calcium in the stone that produces a hard shine that will last for years if properly maintained. A sealer can be applied to the stone floors a topical application that makes a barrier between the stone and things that might be spilled on the floors.

Proper maintenance includes sweeping and mopping the floors often enough to ensure that gritty dirt is not ground into the stone causing scratches which damage the shine. Be sure to sweep the floor first and use a clean mop and a ph neutral cleaner. Change the mop water often to ensure that the floor is properly cleaned.

Some floors such as travertine are not polished but are left with a satin finish. These floors have crevices that may become dirty. In a case such as this we machine scrub the floors using a special high ph cleaner and a heavy duty brush to loosen the dirty and then rinse the floor using a truck mount system and a tool called a turbo which sprays hot water at high pressure that removes all of the dirt from the cervices in the floor and grout.

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